Get the most when using windows search

windows search for filesWindows search allows you to find files on your PC but it can be a bit hit and miss. Luckily there are lots of options to make your search work better.

These advanced options include filters to limit your results to a date range, a type of file, or some very specific system values.

One of the most useful options I found was the ability to turn on ‘Natural Language’ for your searches which eliminates the need to remember complicated rules when you type in a search.

For a great introduction to Advanced Windows Search have a look at this Microsoft article on Advanced Tips for Searching in Windows.

A good filing system will go a long way to helping you here, but there will always be those one or two things that are misfiled or accidentally saved in the wrong place.

Once you do find that file don’t forget to move it to the right location to make it easier to find next time.