Too many download buttons

Too many download buttonsTake a moment to read before you click download or you could get something unexpected!

Have you noticed when downloading software from some sites (particularly freeware or library sites) that the real download button is getting harder to find?

Here is an example from cnet where there are three download buttons and a text download link on one page. If you don’t read carefully you can end up with different software than you expected. If you accidentally download the wrong thing then it’s likely you will not realize before you hit the install button and then you are exposed to whatever that software does. I’m always suspicious of something that has to ‘almost’ trick me into downloading it.

A related trick to watch out for is when additional ‘helpers’ like tool-bars or add-ons for your browser are included in the install. For example, flash player will try to install scanners and others will change your search engine preferences before you notice.

Taking a moment to read the download screen and the check boxes during installation can save you more time than it will take to un-install these unwanted additions later.

Here’s to your PC having just the software you want, and not what someone else thinks you should have instead.