WordPress release 3.5.1 is out

A security and maintenance update for WordPress was released last night and addresses a number of bugs and a small set of security patches. One of the security patches fixes a problem that has been in all previous versions of WordPress so it is particularly important you apply this as soon as possible. If you … Continue reading “WordPress release 3.5.1 is out”

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Since the release of my Simple Affiliate Shop plugin I have regularly been asked, “What is affiliate marketing?” You might think that in order to have a shop you need to have something to sell. In the case of Affiliate Marketing you are promoting products that are created and sold by others rather than creating … Continue reading “What is Affiliate Marketing?”

Solving the WordPress internal path error

During your regular website maintenance you might come across the ‘WordPress Internal Path Error’. Don’t panic, it’s not a critical issue – but don’t ignore it either. In my series on doing your own regular maintenance and health checks I mention that it is a good idea to use a service like Sucuri.net to get … Continue reading “Solving the WordPress internal path error”

Install and configure PG Simple Affiliate Shop

Simple Affiliate Shop is a plugin that allows affiliate marketers to add products that they promote to their website easily and have them present in a format that visitor expect. It takes care of formatting buy now buttons and offers options for testimonials and product details. See the Simple Affiliate Shop overview page for a … Continue reading “Install and configure PG Simple Affiliate Shop”

Plugin maintenance – Review and update Plugins

Plugin maintenance is part of maintaining you WordPress website. If you download your plugins from the free WordPress plugin directory then you will automatically be advised if there is an update available, but you need to manually check for plugins that are never updated. This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance … Continue reading “Plugin maintenance – Review and update Plugins”

Install WordPress from the command line using SSH

Sometimes it is easier to install WordPress on your web host without downloading it to your computer and then uploading it to your website. This can be particularly important if you are on a slow connection at home as upload speeds (sending things to your website) are usually even slower! If you can connect to … Continue reading “Install WordPress from the command line using SSH”

Perform a security scan to determine vulnerabilities

New website vulnerabilities are being found all the time. Use one of the readily available scanning services to keep up to date. I use a great scanning service from Sucuri to check my website whenever I do maintenance. This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance that you can do yourself. Sucuri … Continue reading “Perform a security scan to determine vulnerabilities”

Check your sitemap is correct

A site map is a special file that helps search engines like google find all the pages on your site better. This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance that you can do yourself. The site map is often generated by a plug-in. It can be a real file on the server … Continue reading “Check your sitemap is correct”