The brute force attack scare

There is a story spreading on the internet of a brute force attack hitting WordPress sites and trying to break into your site. A brute force password attack happens when a program tries to guess your password by simply trying lots of different possibilities – and making educated guesses. This is even more important at … Continue reading “The brute force attack scare”

WordPress release 3.5.1 is out

A security and maintenance update for WordPress was released last night and addresses a number of bugs and a small set of security patches. One of the security patches fixes a problem that has been in all previous versions of WordPress so it is particularly important you apply this as soon as possible. If you … Continue reading “WordPress release 3.5.1 is out”

PayPal IPN on you test site

There are many reasons to have a test site that only you can see. Unfortunately this may mean that you can’t make everything work properly if you rely on other services such as PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification). Make sure your customers can access or download their purchase immediately after they payment is made to … Continue reading “PayPal IPN on you test site”

Solving the WordPress internal path error

During your regular website maintenance you might come across the ‘WordPress Internal Path Error’. Don’t panic, it’s not a critical issue – but don’t ignore it either. In my series on doing your own regular maintenance and health checks I mention that it is a good idea to use a service like to get … Continue reading “Solving the WordPress internal path error”

Perform a security scan to determine vulnerabilities

New website vulnerabilities are being found all the time. Use one of the readily available scanning services to keep up to date. I use a great scanning service from Sucuri to check my website whenever I do maintenance. This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance that you can do yourself. Sucuri … Continue reading “Perform a security scan to determine vulnerabilities”

Getting your email when you can’t get your email

This week some preparation has paid off and although my email server is impacted by a DDOS attack I can still read anything sent to me. You can read more about DDoS in my recent article, including how to prepare for it, but now we will focus on getting your email. So, how do you … Continue reading “Getting your email when you can’t get your email”