Recent Projects

Website for Peoples Geek client Gabriell Gaché

Gabrielle Gache is a high performance coach, mentor, trainer and presenter. Her new site has gone live and provides updated information on mentoring and training programmes. This is the first step for the new website as we undertake a journey to add features and align them with Gabrielle’s business.

“Working with Brian Reddick from Your Peoples Geek has been a total pleasure. He is superb at two things. Firstly Brian is excellent at helping you come up with a site that really reflects your personal brand. He is the first web guy I have ever worked with that really gets to understand you and your business before going near the Hilary's website has a very different look and feeltechnology part. Secondly when the technology part  happens it is quick and easy. No hidden extras or geek speak to bamboozle you. Brian is also first class at supporting you to learn the bits you need to run your own site effectively. I would whole heartedly recommend Brian.”

Hilary Wilson
Willson Associates
Hilary Wilson is an Executive Mentor, Speaker, Trainer and  Author.


A great website for finding dog walking gear and general outdoor clothing

Dog Walking Gear is a great place to find Outdoor Gear and Outdoor clothing for dogs, walkers and everyone else.

It is an affiliate store where a great team of dog walkers share their expertise.

The Secret Archaeologist, A Guide To The Creative EconomyMeet creative entrepreneurs – people who embark on enterprising adventures and in the process change how we live.

A refreshed theme, and work behind the scenes to streamline security, hosting and domain names gives a place to showcase some brilliant articles – I would recommend signing up for the newsletter.


Winning at Sport, the Sports Performance

Winning at Sport, the Sports Performance Website.

I joined this website update project late in it’s life to solve the intricacies of UK VAT and smoothing out the process for going live. Did you know that tax on shipping is different depending on the item you are shipping?