PG Monitor

Your site uptime should not be hit of missIt is much better to know about any issue with your site before your visitors rather than after. To alert you to problems you can subscribe to one of the many monitoring services that will regularly check if they can access your website. But, you need to make sure your monitoring does not impact your site statistics.

Monitoring services like or require a page on your website to monitor.

This plugin is a website monitoring tool that provides a virtual target for your monitoring services that does not invoke other plugins (specifically avoiding the Google analytics plugins so that your statistics are not skewed by monitoring calls)
The two targets provided for the monitoring service are:

  • monitor.htm – via .htaccess and does not use WordPress (but does use PHP)
  • monitorWP.htm – via WP and so tests the Database etc is working

This plugin is available at the WordPress plugin repository

Once the plugin is installed you can use the following URLs as targets when you set up your monitoring service

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