New Year, New Season, New Look

At last! People’s Geek is getting an overhaul for the new year. Longer term readers will know that I have been very involved with client work for the last couple of years and the website has fallen a little out of date. OK, a lot out of date on the surface – it has stayed up to date under the covers of course.

But change is coming – in two parts

In honour of a late spring in the UK the site has also sprung a new look. The new look and other updates are coming in two phases:

First: A smaller update

A smaller update to align the site structure with the latest best practice from security and current WordPress features. The site has become mobile friendly and the flow of new content will start again. (I admit I have been a bit embarrassed at the state of the site to draw attention to it with new material – I apologise for that)

Second: More stuff and a new structure so you can find it

There will be a review of the structure and some new products and service offerings. So you can expect to see new and exciting things on offer that will aim to make your online world a better place.

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