Get involved with your website creation

Take a hands on approach to your website creationGreat website creation is about great involvement and communication. It is about having a plan and being flexible enough to let that plan develop as you learn.

Tell your team what you think, if you don’t let your designer or developer know what you are thinking then they will never know (only a few of us have mastered mind reading)

Make sure you are able to change the content as you go – great website creation is an iterative process. You will want to be able to tweak your content and watch your message evolve and become more focused.

It’s OK if you don’t have all the answers up front, but take the time to work out a roadmap for where you would like to be. This can really help you manage your progress and make sure you don’t bite off too much at one time and get discouraged.

The most successful (and most enjoyable) projects I have worked on as a developer are when the client is actively involved and interested in the working of their website. I now ask clients to populate at least some of the content as we build a site so that they understand how it works and that understanding often sparks new great ideas.

As a client this will also give you the confidence to challenge things and to make changes yourself whenever you like. I always use WordPress as the engine behind my sites for this very reason – it is easy and quick for the customer to make changes themselves. It also gives me the freedom to put a framework in place and let the customer tweak wording and menus until they have it ‘just right’.

Content creation and website creation go hand in hand. You want to make sure it is easy to continue to create good content once the site is delivered and live. If you can’t change your website easily yourself then perhaps you should consider a change? Call me to see if WordPress would be right for you.

Here’s to great websites and great collaboration,

your “People’s Geek”