Change your clock, check your theme is still supported

Regularly  check your theme and plugins are still supported

Smoke alarms keep your property safe and an up to date theme and plugins keep your website site safe. All things go out of date and stop working, batteries, plugins and themes. Make sure your theme and plugins are supported.

In Australia (and many other countries) the fire department reminds us to check our smoke alarm batteries twice a year when we change our clocks for Daylight Savings. Do a quick check of themes and plugins in the WordPress repository on the same day.

Working on a new client site recently I found that the theme was causing errors so naturally, I went to check if there were updates. Unfortunately, the theme has not been updated in more than two years and the website for the author of the plugin no longer exists.

I am advising my client to change themes as part of the current work that we are doing and it will mean her site gets a refresh as well as support for the latest versions of WordPress and

A good security plugin like WordFence lets you know that plugins are out of date or abandoned but It does not seem to do the same for themes so add this simple check to your annual routine. Visit the repository and check the last updated date.

If it is more than two years ago this is a good sign that the theme is abandoned and you will see an extra warning. I suggest contacting the them author to see if it is going to be updated and if not then plan for a change (and after two years your site might be due for a nice refresh in any case)

Start by going to the WordPress repository at then search for your theme – A ‘not found’ result probably means that it is abandoned and has been removed. You can still try to search by putting the theme name in the URL directly and this may give you more information. In any case it is time for a change!

Make sure when you gain or lose an hour that you don’t lose out on site security through out of date themes.

See you when the clocks change!

Brian (Your “People’s Geek”)