How to start your website

Getting started with your website is easier than ever thanks to the combination of some great software and the services from some great hosting companies that are designed to make the process simple. This tutorial will take you through the steps of getting yourself up and running all within about 20 minutes. We will cover: … Continue reading “How to start your website”

WordPress release 3.5.1 is out

A security and maintenance update for WordPress was released last night and addresses a number of bugs and a small set of security patches. One of the security patches fixes a problem that has been in all previous versions of WordPress so it is particularly important you apply this as soon as possible. If you … Continue reading “WordPress release 3.5.1 is out”

PayPal IPN on you test site

There are many reasons to have a test site that only you can see. Unfortunately this may mean that you can’t make everything work properly if you rely on other services such as PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification). Make sure your customers can access or download their purchase immediately after they payment is made to … Continue reading “PayPal IPN on you test site”

Changes to Google Apps – no free Google Apps option

I recently wrote about how to Set up Google Apps for small business. Unfortunately the free option that I mentioned is no longer available. Google have withdrawn the free service for businesses that have less than 10 users and now you have to pay a fee if you want this integrated access to Google Apps … Continue reading “Changes to Google Apps – no free Google Apps option”

Set up Google Apps for small business

Google Apps provide Web based email, calendar and documents that let you work from anywhere and yet still use your own domain name to give you the look of a large organisation, without the cost of a large organisation IT department. Choose the Google Apps package that suits your business Google have made it super … Continue reading “Set up Google Apps for small business”

Plugin maintenance – Review and update Plugins

Plugin maintenance is part of maintaining you WordPress website. If you download your plugins from the free WordPress plugin directory then you will automatically be advised if there is an update available, but you need to manually check for plugins that are never updated. This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance … Continue reading “Plugin maintenance – Review and update Plugins”

Rotate your backups to save space and stay sane

Backups are critical to your business but the only thing worse than no backup is not being able to find the one you need! Backup rotation A common practice is to “rotate” your backups. The term rotate probably comes from the days when a backup was done on a physical tape a bit like a … Continue reading “Rotate your backups to save space and stay sane”