Be easy to find – don’t let your hard work get lost

Be easy to find and keep the credit for your workThe saddest thing is when your hard work gets lost and you loose credit for it, don’t make this mistake, be easy to find!

By simply including your contact details in presentations, publications and articles you can make sure that if they are redistributed then you receive the benefit. Make it easy for your potential customer to find you.

I was reading an article recently and would love to contact the author but they had not included any contact details or call to action so I can’t. It’s a real shame that the work they did on a great article can’t deliver them the credit they deserve. And I can’t ask for help or direct my clients to the source.

Whenever you are producing content make sure you include your contact details, even if it is just your email address or website in the footer. With the ease of sharing information it is quite likely that your work will be shared if it is good. In fact most of us dream of our work going viral and being distributed widely – but what is the point of that if no-one can find you, your site or your service.

Many people talk about a call to action and that is really important, but make sure as part of your call to action you have a way for your reader to respond if they did not get your content directly from you.

So have a look at your presentation footer now and add your website to each page. Putting a list of recent presentations on your site is also an easy way to promote good content and makes it easy to find you in other ways too.

It’s the simple things that can make the biggest difference. So, here’s to you getting back to no matter where you read this!

you “Peoples Geek”