Backup your blog

Have you backed up your blog?

No doubt you have put a lot of work into creating and posting your blog and enjoyed the interaction with other people who have posted on it. Make sure that you have a regular backup of this important part of your digital life.

Backing up your blog at eBlogger

e blogger is a popular blogging platformHere are some simple instructions for backing up your blog if it is hosted on which is a popular starting point for many people hosted by google.

Luckily Google have made it quite a simple process but one that you need to remember to do on a regular basis.

The export blog option is shown here under basic settingsSign into your account and choose the ‘settings’ tab, you will then be able to see a set of smaller tabs below the main set of tabs. Most likely the ‘Basic’ one is already selected but if not click on it and you will be able to see Blog Tools and the ‘Export blog’ link as shown here.

Download blog will create a file you can download to your computer as a backupWhen you click on the ‘Export blog’ link you will see a screen like this one that allows you to download a copy of your blog that you can use to move to another location or to use as a backup.

The backup file about to be downloaded via firefox 4Once you click this download button your browser will start to download the file or ask you where you would like to save it on your computer – make sure you choose somewhere that your regular computer backup will include it in your computer backup (unless you are doing a special once of or independent backup). I am using Firefox 4 – your browser may look different.

The content of the backup file is really for computers to readHere is the downloaded file in my case – it is an XML file which is a special format that is easy for computers to read (and with a bit of work you can make out some of the information yourself – but that’s not really the intention).

A good thing about this format is that it will compress really well so it will probably not take up much room in your backup (depending on the software you use)

Make sure you add this to your list of regular things to do in order to make sure your digital life is safe and sound.

If you would like me to investigate backups for other blogging software or sites then let me know by leaving a comment.

Here’s to enjoying the digital part of your life,

your ‘peoples geek’