Amazon S3 price reduction

Amazon S3 price reduction

An Amazon S3 price reduction was only one of the things announced at the AWS re:Invent summit. Amazon S3 is a storage service that lets you keep your data securely ‘in the cloud’

This storage service is pretty impressive and this is the 24th price reduction since 2006. These reduced Amazon S3 prices are for both standard storage and Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) are across all the different storage regions.

For me this is a reduction in cost of 24% as I’m using the 0-1TB storage tier but other tiers are reduced by up to 27%. Have a look at the new lower prices for all regions on the Amazon S3 pricing changes announcement page.

So now is a great time to take advantage of the security of off-site storage of your WordPress backups and I highly recommend the backup plugin BackWPup from the WordPress registry.

If you are still storing your backups on your server then why not try storing them on the cloud instead – that way if you ever have a problem accessing your server you will always have access to your backups.

If the lowest price yet for Amazon S3 storage is not enough to convince you then there is even an offer of a free trial for the first year using the AWS Free Usage Tier which includes S3 as well as a number of the other Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As always if that all sounds too hard and technical then drop me a line and I can help you with the setup – or connect you up with the service that I use with clients for an automated backup to S3.

Remember that this article is talking about WordPress backups so you may still need to take independent backups and verify them depending on what else you store on your server – eg your email

Here’s to your backups being safe and available when you need them most.