WordPress 3.3 will be released in November

Wordpress releasesHere is a date for the diary if you are using WordPress for your site – November 15th, 2011. The schedule for the next major release of WordPress has been announced. There will still be a series of minor releases for 3.2

We will know the list of new features by the end of August and then during the September and October the focus will be on testing, fixing bugs, and translating WordPress into a myriad of languages.

In Mid October there will be versions available to try out on your site (This is a perfect time to dust off that test site – don’t use your main site yet)

Update your site or have it updated for you

Since November 15th is the release date, you should put this into your diary and make sure that you update soon after it is released. I normally leave it a week or so to make sure any last minute bugs are picked up.

It is important to keep your WordPress site software up to date for the major releases and the minor security and bug fixes in between . The number one reason a site is hacked is because it is using out of date software or plug-ins. If you are not confident in updating your site yourself then get help! I offer an update service so get in contact if you need assistance.

I’ll be testing this out on some client test sites and no doubt have some comments closer to the release date.

Here’s looking forward to another set of neat improvements.

your ‘Peoples Geek’