What size business is the right size

One of the things that I have been pondering what is the right thinkiing for your businessrecently is ‘what size does a business need to be in order to be successful?’ And what is success anyway?

I have worked in a number of different sized organisations and it it is obvious that one size does not fit all. At the moment if I want an SSL Certificate or a change to my web hosting arrangements then I’m the one that goes and does the work. I have also worked in places where there were entire departments dedicated to the management of SSL certificates (or any other aspect of the business from Human Resources to Stationary ordering).

I could employ a huge team of people to handle all the different aspects of being in business but would that make me more successful – and accordion to whom? Keep in mind the idea of success and what it means to you  – it will keep you headed in the direction of your goals instead of the goals that other people think you should have. For some people success is a big team and that is great too – as long as you realise you are successful when you have that.

I just read Seth Godin’s blog on An atomic theory of business size and it gives a great reminder that there is a ‘right’ size for many business ventures. I want my interactions with my clients to be personal and rewarding, I probably wouldn’t get this relationship with a client like Microsoft or the Department of Immigration. So I need to remember that while some of these clients may look prestigious – they would not be personally satisfying in the way that is important to me.

What is important to you about your business and what is the meaning of success for you?

I am passionate about the people side of what I do!

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An atomic theory of business size