Unsocial Media practices

Does social media need a shake upOK this is just my bit of a rant and rave about how annoyed I am that there are so many people out there who will take anything and try to exploit it.

Social media is ideally about building relationships and trying to form genuine connections with others. While there are limits to how many deep and personal connections any person can have (see Dunbar’s Number), this does not mean that we should ignore the social part of social media.

I am on twitter like millions of others, and it is always great to find a new follower after tweeting about something interesting such as an article I read, or something I wrote about. I get a feeling that is that here is another person out there, with some similar interests, that I am now connected to. I will look at their profile and what they tweet about then make a decision on whether to follow them.

I know this is naive but I am disappointed with the number of automated ‘spam’ followers that pop up.  The other day I was followed by someone who is ‘following’ over 21,000 people and is being ‘followed’ by over 19,ooo people – and they have only posted 4 times!

This is a blatant example of an account that exists solely to collect other accounts and exploits the fact that many people will automatically follow anyone who follows them. And in this case automatically does not mean they do it without thinking, it means it is done for them by a mindless program.

Programs have their place in the social media space but there has to be a genuine human involved at some point. Even the big internet marketers who have thousands of followers will be offering some genuine value. I understand that they can’t interact personally with every follower, but twitter-bots that exist purely to build a big list for the sake of it just devalue the medium for all of us.

Do you have the same reaction to twitter bots? Or is it just me?

I’m off to research if I can drop a follower from twitter…

your ‘Peoples Geek’