The importance of SEO, content and keywords

There is a lot of discussion on Search Engine Are your pages making it onto the search screenOptimisation (SEO) and how vital it is to the success of your website – but just how important is it really?

I’d recommend having a look at a great presentation on SEO by Mike Mindel who is the CEO and founder of, a popular keyword research tool.

SEO is important but Content is the key to successful ranking

After watching Mike’s presentation, and based on my experience in corporate SEO projects, I believe that there is too much Hype about SEO and not enough focus on the content that is generated for our readers on the web.

To paraphrase Mike, it is more important to be natural and genuine with your audience than it is to try to trick them into visiting your site. You only get one chance to make a first impression and it is important to add real value to your visitors and not to come across as fake.

At the same time, when we are publishing information on the web we want to make sure that it is found by people who are looking. By being aware of how search engines match pages to requests we can make sure that our site has the best chance possible of being presented for a search. By helping the search engine make an accurate assessment of our content – we get the best chance of being presented to an interested viewer.

By considering the simple SEO concepts (as discussed in Mike’s presentation) you will actually write content that is more appealing to your human reader as well – and isn’t that the ultimate goal? To be seen as an authentic, trustworthy authority in our area of expertise.

Being authentic is something important to me and I believe that as you write any content you should be thinking about the intention behind what you are doing and what it is that you want for your reader. Once you have the authentic content that adds value for you reader you are ready to check you have the basic SEO capability in your website or blog.

Think about your reader when choosing keywords

Often when we write we are talking about a solution to a problem, but we need to think about the person looking for this solution. What are they likely to put into thKeywords used for searching and SEOe google search bar? What words would they use to describe the problem they are having? These are the words that you should be considering as your SEO keywords so that the search engine can match their search to your content. Look at the numbers that come up below your search as you type in the google search box – these are an indication of the number of people who search with those words. Choose words that you would use in this context and ask someone else for input or the type of things they would type to get a second opinion. For the really serious – you can use tools like those available on

Simple SEO plugins may be all that you need

My Blog is powered by WordPress and the default installation does not include some of the important SEO code behind the scene to help the search engines decide what to do with the information. There are a multitude of SEO plugins and I am currently using All in One SEO Pack which is free to install and use and provides all of the basic SEO customisations that are required. There are more complex options available but you would almost certainly be better off improving the quality of your content than tweaking the minute details of your code.

So consider why you are writing an article, what you would be thinking if you were looking for it, and above all else make sure that your article is authentic and adds value to your reader.

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