The difference between facebook like buttons

different facebook like buttonsDid you know that there are different types of like buttons you can put on your website? They do different things and serve different purposes. The one that you want will depend on your business and your reasons for having a them.

Do you want to get the word out to the widest audience that there is something cool on your website?

Do you want to keep in contact with your visitors and be able to update them on the latest news by posting on their news feed?

If you have a website then one of the most common things to add are facebook like buttons. There is one at the top of this post and a like box to the right hand side (or at least that’s where it was when I wrote this).

What are the different like buttons for facebook?

facebook web page likeLike a web page: If a visitor clicks the like button at the top of this article, it will help put a message into their time line saying that they like the web page and their friends can see it and may see it in their news feed. This is great for getting other people to visit your site who will hopefully like it too. (Never be afraid to ask your visitors to like your page – you would be surprised how many more likes you will get)

  • Pro: Easy for your visitors to do and more likely that their friends will visit
  • Pro: You can see how many people liked a particular page and potentially do more of those sorts of pages
  • Pro: You visitor may like multiple pages resulting in multiple messages to their friends
  • Con: You have no way of telling who liked your page unless they happen to be your friend on facebook.
  • Con: You can’t contact the people who liked your page via facebook or any other way to let them know about updates or market to them

facebook fan page likeLike a facebook fan/business page: If you click the like button in the ‘Find us on facebook’ like box then you will be liking my Peoples Geek fan/business page. Your friends on facebook will be able to see that you like Peoples Geek and when I post a new message on the Peoples Geek facebook page it will appear in your news feed.

  • Pro: Also easy for your visitors to do and encourages their friends to visit.
  • Pro: Your visitor will see updates to your facebook page in their news feed so you can remain in touch and encourage them back
  • Pro: You can use facebook messaging and other built in facebook functions to contact the people who like your fan/business page
  • Con: You can not tell which page they were on when they clicked the like button
  • Con: You must have a facebook fan/business page set up – not really a big con as you would most likely want one of these anyway!

So depending on why you are using facebook like buttons on your site you may want to emphasise one over the other. They both have different features and one may be more appealing to you or your visitors. Understanding how they are different helps you to decide how to make the best choice for your site.

Understanding how they work also helps you as a visitor to other sites. Did you know that liking a site tells your friends about it?

I’ve only mentioned a few pro’s and con’s. If you feel there are other important ones then feel free to add your comments below (and of course please like this article at the top and like my facebook page at the side too!)

Here’s to us liking each other,

your ‘Peoples Geek’