Check your automatic backups are working

OK, so you have set up your website and installed all those shiny plug-ins. You should now get reports on everything under the sun and an automatic backup of your database and files… Do you ever check that it is actually working? This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance that you … Continue reading “Check your automatic backups are working”

Rotate your backups to save space and stay sane

Backups are critical to your business but the only thing worse than no backup is not being able to find the one you need! Backup rotation A common practice is to “rotate” your backups. The term rotate probably comes from the days when a backup was done on a physical tape a bit like a … Continue reading “Rotate your backups to save space and stay sane”

Dropbox for synchronised storage and backup

Dropbox is a fantastic product that effectively gives you a folder on your computer that it will share, and keep synchronised, across all your other computers and the web (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, etc). Regular readers will know that I am always on a backup soapbox. I also love to have things automatically synchronise on … Continue reading “Dropbox for synchronised storage and backup”

Manage your email – add subfolders in Windows Live

I use a combination of Hotmail and the Windows Live client as my main personal email account. I love being able to synchronise email across my laptop and desktop as well as being able to access my email when I am away from home without my laptop via the web or iPhone. What I did … Continue reading “Manage your email – add subfolders in Windows Live”

Keep your backup data safe

Last week I was woken up in a hotel room in Hawaii by the sound of alarm bells and an announcement that a Tsunami was coming. We had to evacuate the hotel  and the instructions were, “Take your essential personal belongings.” What would that be for you? If you had only a few minutes to … Continue reading “Keep your backup data safe”

Stay in control of your data – who does your backup?

When using on line services for email or data storage, do you ever think about who is responsible for their safety and security. You should! Just because you put your precious data on of these ‘internet backup’ servers does not mean that it is safe or secure. GMail loose 35,000 email accounts. You may have … Continue reading “Stay in control of your data – who does your backup?”