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Unsocial Media practices

OK this is just my bit of a rant and rave about how annoyed I am that there are so many people out there who will take anything and try to exploit it. Social media is ideally about building relationships and trying to form genuine connections with others. While there

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Now we get spam on Skype too

Spam, and people trying to do the wrong thing are everywhere! I was at a client’s this week when she received an incoming Skype call from “Urgent Update”. It was a recorded message starting to tell her that there was a security problem… We hung up! They call it ‘vishing’

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Reduce Spam by using reCAPTCHA

One of the problems with putting your contact details on the web is that it may be scraped, scanned or harvested by spammers. I know one of my clients is experiencing this at the moment and I suspect it is because her email address in in plain text on her

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