The brute force attack scare

There is a story spreading on the internet of a brute force attack hitting WordPress sites and trying to break into your site. A brute force password attack happens when a program tries to guess your password by simply trying lots of different possibilities – and making educated guesses. This is even more important at … Continue reading “The brute force attack scare”

Solving the WordPress internal path error

During your regular website maintenance you might come across the ‘WordPress Internal Path Error’. Don’t panic, it’s not a critical issue – but don’t ignore it either. In my series on doing your own regular maintenance and health checks I mention that it is a good idea to use a service like to get … Continue reading “Solving the WordPress internal path error”

Plugin maintenance – Review and update Plugins

Plugin maintenance is part of maintaining you WordPress website. If you download your plugins from the free WordPress plugin directory then you will automatically be advised if there is an update available, but you need to manually check for plugins that are never updated. This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance … Continue reading “Plugin maintenance – Review and update Plugins”

Review Website uptime monitoring statistics regularly

Are you sure you website is available all of the time? What about when you are not looking? The only way to be sure is to have automated monitoring in place, and luckily there are a number of paid and free services that will monitor your website and let you know if there is a … Continue reading “Review Website uptime monitoring statistics regularly”

Perform a security scan to determine vulnerabilities

New website vulnerabilities are being found all the time. Use one of the readily available scanning services to keep up to date. I use a great scanning service from Sucuri to check my website whenever I do maintenance. This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance that you can do yourself. Sucuri … Continue reading “Perform a security scan to determine vulnerabilities”

Check email delivery

If customers are leaving you a message on your website then you want to know that the messages are getting safely to your in box. Particularly if you are using a plug-in to give you a nice contacts page. Checking email delivery is bit obvious but very important, you would be surprised how often it … Continue reading “Check email delivery”

New summary of website health provided by Google

Google Webmaster Tools now provide a helpful summary of the website health for all of the websites on your Webmaster Tools account. This is very helpful as it saves you having to drill down into every website individually – which can take a while if you are managing a number of sites and can even … Continue reading “New summary of website health provided by Google”