The brute force attack scare

There is a story spreading on the internet of a brute force attack hitting WordPress sites and trying to break into your site. A brute force password attack happens when a program tries to guess your password by simply trying lots of different possibilities – and making educated guesses. This is even more important at … Continue reading “The brute force attack scare”

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Since the release of my Simple Affiliate Shop plugin I have regularly been asked, “What is affiliate marketing?” You might think that in order to have a shop you need to have something to sell. In the case of Affiliate Marketing you are promoting products that are created and sold by others rather than creating … Continue reading “What is Affiliate Marketing?”

Use routine to beat procrastination

Do you ever get those moments where you realise you have wasted the morning procrastinating and not really getting anything done? Have you ever wanted to be more creative? I’ve just been sent a great article as part of an on-line course offered by Lateral Action with a great way to beat procrastination. And once … Continue reading “Use routine to beat procrastination”

BT’s approach to EU cookie compliance

While checking my online bill I found that is my first site that has a nice solution to the EU cookie law.  This may not be completely compliant since it asks for permission after setting cookies but it does give all the options and information that you need to set these cookies. My issue … Continue reading “BT’s approach to EU cookie compliance”

Check your sitemap is correct

A site map is a special file that helps search engines like google find all the pages on your site better. This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance that you can do yourself. The site map is often generated by a plug-in. It can be a real file on the server … Continue reading “Check your sitemap is correct”

Check your automatic backups are working

OK, so you have set up your website and installed all those shiny plug-ins. You should now get reports on everything under the sun and an automatic backup of your database and files… Do you ever check that it is actually working? This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance that you … Continue reading “Check your automatic backups are working”

Rotate your backups to save space and stay sane

Backups are critical to your business but the only thing worse than no backup is not being able to find the one you need! Backup rotation A common practice is to “rotate” your backups. The term rotate probably comes from the days when a backup was done on a physical tape a bit like a … Continue reading “Rotate your backups to save space and stay sane”

New summary of website health provided by Google

Google Webmaster Tools now provide a helpful summary of the website health for all of the websites on your Webmaster Tools account. This is very helpful as it saves you having to drill down into every website individually – which can take a while if you are managing a number of sites and can even … Continue reading “New summary of website health provided by Google”