Use routine to beat procrastination

Do you ever get those moments where you realise you have wasted the morning procrastinating and not really getting anything done? Have you ever wanted to be more creative? I’ve just been sent a great article as part of an on-line course offered by Lateral Action with a great way to beat procrastination. And once … Continue reading “Use routine to beat procrastination”

Check email delivery

If customers are leaving you a message on your website then you want to know that the messages are getting safely to your in box. Particularly if you are using a plug-in to give you a nice contacts page. Checking email delivery is bit obvious but very important, you would be surprised how often it … Continue reading “Check email delivery”

When to use Categories and Tags in WordPress

A client recently asked me to explain Tags and Categories for WordPress. It is something that often comes up and the answer is ‘it depends’, as is the answer to many IT questions. It depends on your intention and what you want to do with your writing and your audience. In short it depends on  … Continue reading “When to use Categories and Tags in WordPress”

Window, Mac or Linux – how do I choose?

What’s your computer of choice? How do you know you are getting the best computer for you? Looking at market share the most likely computer you are using now is a variety of Windows, or Mac or perhaps even Linux. There are lots of ways of measuring the ‘market share’ but by proportion 80-90% of … Continue reading “Window, Mac or Linux – how do I choose?”

How much do you love what you are doing?

I saw a TED presentation today and one quote really struck me, Carol Coletta is quoted as saying, “I would pay someone to do what I do” I’ve often heard this from the negative perspective where you would pay to have someone do it because then you would not need to do it yourself, but … Continue reading “How much do you love what you are doing?”