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Show more pages or posts in WordPress

Finding how to show more pages or posts in the ‘all pages’ or ‘all posts’ view in the WordPress back end turns out to be a lot easier than I imagined. I admit to having been frustrated by scrolling through multiple pages of pages, looking for the one I wanted

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The importance of SEO, content and keywords

There is a lot of discussion on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how vital it is to the success of your website – but just how important is it really? I’d recommend having a look at a great presentation on SEO by Mike Mindel who is the CEO and founder

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Reduce Spam by using reCAPTCHA

One of the problems with putting your contact details on the web is that it may be scraped, scanned or harvested by spammers. I know one of my clients is experiencing this at the moment and I suspect it is because her email address in in plain text on her

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iPhone Mobile Posting

A post from my iPhone! Well it started out from my iPhone as an experiment with the WordPress iPhone app. The app worked wonderfully and is able to do all the things you would need for a short post but if in a contest between the iPhone screen and a

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