GMail and Sony hacked – passwords exposed

How much trouble would you be in if your email password was stolen? You have probably heard already that Sony and GMail have been the target of attacks designed to break into accounts and steal passwords and other information. In the incident with Sony as reported by Digital Trends, the hacker group reported on it’s … Continue reading “GMail and Sony hacked – passwords exposed”

Are you publishing your email password without knowing!

Depending on the settings of your email program you could be telling the world your email password every time you check your email! Sadly the default setting of many email clients is not to use a secure connection. This means that when your computer checks with your email server to see if you have any … Continue reading “Are you publishing your email password without knowing!”

How to create a PDF document with security enabled

One of the most exciting things about the internet is the way that it simplifies the sharing of information. There are so many ways that you can do this but the most important thing to consider is will my visitor be able to open what I have created. I received a file from a colleague … Continue reading “How to create a PDF document with security enabled”