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Better email sync with Hotmail

Multiple copies of the same email on different devices (computer / phone) is a pain but when they all sync together it is beautiful. Love or hate Microsoft, but they do have some good stuff and are always trying to improve the way we work. Recently I received an email

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Dropbox for synchronised storage and backup

Dropbox is a fantastic product that effectively gives you a folder on your computer that it will share, and keep synchronised, across all your other computers and the web (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, etc). Regular readers will know that I am always on a backup soapbox. I also love to

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iPhone Mobile Posting

A post from my iPhone! Well it started out from my iPhone as an experiment with the WordPress iPhone app. The app worked wonderfully and is able to do all the things you would need for a short post but if in a contest between the iPhone screen and a

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