Use routine to beat procrastination

Do you ever get those moments where you realise you have wasted the morning procrastinating and not really getting anything done? Have you ever wanted to be more creative? I’ve just been sent a great article as part of an on-line course offered by Lateral Action with a great way to beat procrastination. And once … Continue reading “Use routine to beat procrastination”

Be easy to find – don’t let your hard work get lost

The saddest thing is when your hard work gets lost and you loose credit for it, don’t make this mistake, be easy to find! By simply including your contact details in presentations, publications and articles you can make sure that if they are redistributed then you receive the benefit. Make it easy for your potential … Continue reading “Be easy to find – don’t let your hard work get lost”

When to use Categories and Tags in WordPress

A client recently asked me to explain Tags and Categories for WordPress. It is something that often comes up and the answer is ‘it depends’, as is the answer to many IT questions. It depends on your intention and what you want to do with your writing and your audience. In short it depends on  … Continue reading “When to use Categories and Tags in WordPress”

Window, Mac or Linux – how do I choose?

What’s your computer of choice? How do you know you are getting the best computer for you? Looking at market share the most likely computer you are using now is a variety of Windows, or Mac or perhaps even Linux. There are lots of ways of measuring the ‘market share’ but by proportion 80-90% of … Continue reading “Window, Mac or Linux – how do I choose?”

What features to look for in a web hosting provider

I have heard it said that your relationship with your web host can be a bit like starting a romantic relationship. There are lots of promises and potential to start with but you never really know someone until you have spent some time together. Until you have a chance to find out each others strengths … Continue reading “What features to look for in a web hosting provider”

Stay in control of your data – who does your backup?

When using on line services for email or data storage, do you ever think about who is responsible for their safety and security. You should! Just because you put your precious data on of these ‘internet backup’ servers does not mean that it is safe or secure. GMail loose 35,000 email accounts. You may have … Continue reading “Stay in control of your data – who does your backup?”