How much do you love what you are doing?

I saw a TED presentation today and one quote really struck me, Carol Coletta is quoted as saying, “I would pay someone to do what I do” I’ve often heard this from the negative perspective where you would pay to have someone do it because then you would not need to do it yourself, but … Continue reading “How much do you love what you are doing?”

Add a Facebook like button to your webpage

It is likely that Facebook is an important part of your communication strategy. Creating a Facebook page for your company or group is easy and lets you tap into one of the most active communities on the web. A great way to get some additional visibility is to allow people to ‘like’ your page and … Continue reading “Add a Facebook like button to your webpage”

Create Your Own Video

Last week I got to spend a really enjoyable day with my client producing video to be uploaded to their new website. I was amazed at the quality that can be achieved with relatively simple equipment and software. You can really add another dimension to your site or your blog posts by including video and … Continue reading “Create Your Own Video”