Use routine to beat procrastination

Do you ever get those moments where you realise you have wasted the morning procrastinating and not really getting anything done? Have you ever wanted to be more creative? I’ve just been sent a great article as part of an on-line course offered by Lateral Action with a great way to beat procrastination. And once … Continue reading “Use routine to beat procrastination”

Getting your email when you can’t get your email

This week some preparation has paid off and although my email server is impacted by a DDOS attack I can still read anything sent to me. You can read more about DDoS in my recent article, including how to prepare for it, but now we will focus on getting your email. So, how do you … Continue reading “Getting your email when you can’t get your email”

When to use Categories and Tags in WordPress

A client recently asked me to explain Tags and Categories for WordPress. It is something that often comes up and the answer is ‘it depends’, as is the answer to many IT questions. It depends on your intention and what you want to do with your writing and your audience. In short it depends on  … Continue reading “When to use Categories and Tags in WordPress”

Dropbox for synchronised storage and backup

Dropbox is a fantastic product that effectively gives you a folder on your computer that it will share, and keep synchronised, across all your other computers and the web (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, etc). Regular readers will know that I am always on a backup soapbox. I also love to have things automatically synchronise on … Continue reading “Dropbox for synchronised storage and backup”

Manage your email – add subfolders in Windows Live

I use a combination of Hotmail and the Windows Live client as my main personal email account. I love being able to synchronise email across my laptop and desktop as well as being able to access my email when I am away from home without my laptop via the web or iPhone. What I did … Continue reading “Manage your email – add subfolders in Windows Live”