Start at home to secure your website

The security of your website starts at homeIf someone steals the keys to your house, did they just get the keys to your car too? Are the keys to your website sitting on your laptop?

This morning I received a great article from BlueHost about securing your website, there are all sorts of things you can do, but an important one that is often missed is securing your own PC/Laptop. If your laptop is hacked then any passwords (including the on to your website) are up for grabs!

Particularly with the recent emphasis on virus for the Mac, you need to think wider than just the server for your website when it comes to security.

“One of the biggest security holes in internet site security is accessing your site from an insecure computer. Viruses, malware and keyloggers can be installed on your computer covertly and can be used to obtain your username/password credentials or to infect your website files themselves. Practice good at-home computer security by regularly running a reliable anti-virus/spyware scanner.”

So starting with your PC added at the top the BlueHost list would be:

Some of these are things that you do once and others are an ongoing process of staying ahead of the baddies. Have a look at my set of articles on Regular Website Maintenance for other ideas on what you can do yourself to stay secure.

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