How and why to register a username on facebook pages

setting your username for facebookWhen you create a Facebook page it will be given a horribly long complicated name. User names are easier to remember and promote if they are short, so pick a good user name and register it.

You can then use this user name in your marketing and promotions, on  your website, business card or even your email signature. There is a much higher chance that it will be remembered and visited if it is short and memorable. For example, which of the following would you find easier to remember?

For most people it will be the second one by far!

Facebook has a dedicated help page about registering your user name and I would suggest you read through this first to make sure you understand the limitations. Pay particular attention to the fact that once you set a user name it can never be changed and no other page can ever use it. Even if you delete and recreate your account!

If you are registering a user name for your personal profile then you can do this at any time. If you are registering for a page then you can only do this once you have the required number of people who like your page. This is covered on the help page above and the current number is at least 25 (ie 26 or above).

Another thing to remember is that even though you can use upper and lower case letters, they are not different user names. PeoplesGeek, peoplesgeek, peoples.geek and even are all considered to be the same thing. They will each convert to the whatever you enter when you create the user name so choose the combination of periods and capitals you want. In the case of the Peoples Geek facebook page it is PeoplesGeek regardless of the capitalization or random periods ‘.’

Be careful when setting your user id if you have more than one pagePlease be careful when you do this process, if you get it wrong then you can’t change it later. If you want help with this process then feel free to get in touch via my contact page.

Go to to start the process and be careful of the difference between your personal profile and any pages you administer.

If you do make a mistake and end up with a user name attached to the wrong account then there are some things that can be done to clean up but they do not always work and they not pretty. Take care or get assistance if you have any doubts.

Here’s to a user name that is easy to remember and supports your business or fan page.

your ‘Peoples Geek’