Reduce Spam by using reCAPTCHA

One of the problems with putting your contact details on the web is that it may be scraped, scanned or harvested by spammers. I know one of my clients is experiencing this at the moment and I suspect it is because her email address in in plain text on her web page.

Stopping Spam using reCAPTCHA

There are many ways of testing if a reader of Example of recapture protecting from spam botsyour site is a human or a program. One of these is called reCAPTCHA and I quite like this on because as well as providing protection for my email address it is helping to digitise old books and newspapers – your typing effort to solve the puzzle does not go to waste. I don’t like wasting time and effort and this is an ingenious example of how defeating ‘spambots’ can also contribute to the quality of historical documents on the web for all of us.

Visit the reCAPTCHA website for more details about this ingenious process and make sure you look at how this technology improves the digitisation accuracy in old books and newspapers.

reCAPTCHA for your website and email protection

Here is an example of my email address protected by reCAPTCHA – as you can see there is nothing given away!

This option lets you determine how much of an email address to display and then opens in a new window (the downside to this is that your visitor will have to use the back button on their browser to return) peo….. email

This option opens a new window which may be more effective as your visitor won’t accidentally close your page but is smaller in that you have to hover over the the dots

There is also the option to have all email addresses hidden automatically by using a plug ins eg should hide if the plugin works and is configured to block registered and unregistered users. This can be much easier to maintain for administrators and also easier for your authors who don’t have to worry about codes. There are options to allow you to permit registered users to see emails in the clear.

So please forgive the need to type words into little boxes on this site – and think about the benefit to future generations of web users.

I have a warm feeling just knowing this is not all a waste.

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  1. Well there are rumours in the last few days that reCAPTCHA may have been cracked by the spammers. If that’s the case then we may need to come up with another mechanism and it will be a pity to loose the benefit of digitisation

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