Manage your email – add subfolders in Windows Live

I use a combination of Hotmail and the Windows Live client as my main personal email account. I love being able to synchronise email across my laptop and desktop as well as being able to access my email when I am away from home without my laptop via the web or iPhone. What I did find frustrating is the lack of ability to file things properly and stay organised.

OK, I admit it took me a while to catch on to the subfolder feature, I didn’t notice when it was first added. But now I am using it I find that my inbox is so much easier to manage.

Hotmail and Windows Live Sub-Folders

For some time I knew that you could add a folder to help with filing in either Hotmail or Windows live but having an ever increasing list of folders was becoming unmanageable. I searched the Microsoft site but there was very little information on how to create subfolders. It turns out to be very simple to add and move folders in Windows Live and simple to create them in the Hotmail web interface (but not so simple to move from there)

Creating a subfolder in Windows Live 2011

The mail client in Windows live runs on your computer and looks like any other windows program – I’ll refer to it as the ‘client’. Using this client it is as simple as right clicking on the top level account or an existing folder and choosing ‘New folder’ from the context menu. You could also choose folders from the ribbon bar and choose ‘New folder’.

Then from the dialogue box that appears you simply select the parent folder (ie the folder you want this new one to be under) and type the name of the new folder. In this case I have called the folder ‘Another subfolder’ and chosen Business as the parent.

After clicking OK the folder is created as shown here.

These changes will not show up in the web interface until after the next ‘Send and Receive’. You can wait for this to happen on its own or you can press send and receive to make it happen immediately. Then when you refresh your hotmail web interface you will see the new subfolder there too!

Creating a subfolder in Windows Live/Hotmail web interface

It is almost as easy to create a subfolder in the web interface but it took me a while to find the option. It’s the little cog wheel next to the word Folders just under your inbox.

The widow beside your list of folders will then show the New folder options where you can select the parent and enter the folder name in a very similar way to the Windows Live Client. You can see below I have called the new folder ‘Another folder’ and placed it under Business – once this is done you can click the ‘Save’ link above

Deleting a folder you have created

To delete a folder using the Windows Live client you simply select the folder, right click and select ‘Delete’ from the menu – be careful because this will also delete any messages in that folder too!

In the web interface you choose ‘Manage Folders’ from the little cogwheel next to the Folders where instead of ‘New folder’ and the screen to manage folders appears. You can select the folder you no longer want and click the delete link.

Moving a folder that you have created to a new location

Using the Windows Live client on your PC it is easy to move a folder to have a new parent, simply click and drag the folder to it’s new home and it will move. After the next ‘Send/Receive’ completes then the changes will be reflected in the web interface too.

I must admit I am currently stumped when it comes to moving folders in the web interface. No amount of clicking or dragging has resulted in a moved folder – If you find out how to do this then let me know. For the moment if I need to move a folder I just use the Windows Live Client and let it synchronise to the web since this is so easy.

Here’s to your more organised inbox!

your ‘peoples geek’