iPhone Mobile Posting

A post from my iPhone!

Well it started out from my iPhone as an experiment with the WordPress iPhone app. The app worked wonderfully and is able to do all the things you would need for a short post but if in a contest between the iPhone screen and a full keyboard – the latter is always going to win for a longer post.

For short posts and up to the moment comments the App is a great option to add to your bag of tools. You can post while away from your home or office whenever the mood takes you and there are options for most mobile devices like Android and iPad.

Depending on your business model you may find that regular posting on day to day insights is what helps keep your site relevant and interesting to your visitors. You never know when that great idea will hit you and if you don’t want to release your post to the world you can capture it as a draft and complete it when you get access to your full keyboard. Don’t let that idea escape – capture it in the moment!

Have fun posting,

your ‘peoples geek’