New summary of website health provided by Google

Make the best use of Google ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools now provide a helpful summary of the website health for all of the websites on your Webmaster Tools account. This is very helpful as it saves you having to drill down into every website individually – which can take a while if you are managing a number of sites and can even be missed.

The announcement of the new Site Health feature was made in the Webmaster Central Blog. It is well worth subscribing to and you should make sure your web support person is keeping an eye on it on your behalf.

This new view really helps to prioritize your time and make sure that any issues are highlighted early. I have looked and already it has show me a minor issue with one site that I will be able to look into easily. I think there will be a number of false positives for a start as a missing robots.txt file does not really qualify as a major issue on a one page site – but the principle would be more important on larger sites.

Where this will really shine out is the easier notification of issues like malware or out of date software. You can never have too many notifications when it comes to recovering your web site early from an attack.

If you don’t use Webmaster Tools at Webmaster Central then you are missing out on a valuable resource – get an account now and make sure your web support person is using it on your behalf!

Here’s to a healthy website and a good tools for your IT ‘doctor’,

your ‘Peoples Geek’