How to give access to Google Analytics data

Google Analytics is a powerful analysis toolYou may want to give other people access to your Google Analytics data for a number of reasons. To share with a consultant, to let others in your company run reports, to have a Geek like me set up reports for you etc. If you give them your password to access your Google account then you are handing them administrator access to everything (Mail, Docs, YouTube, AdSense, AdWords , Alerts, Analytics, Blogger, Calendar, Docs, Reader, Web History, Webmaster Tools and any other Google services you use!). This is NOT something you really want to do.

An example of safely sharing a Google Analytics account

You can click on any of these screen shots for a larger image and then click the back button to return. I have also included a screen shot from the new interface at the very end (where the buttons and tabs are changes in the new version) and notes on where to find the options as we go along with the current screen shots.

Select the Google Analytics Account you want to shareFirst sign into your Google Analytics dashboard and click on the account that you want to share. (if using the new interface it will be a drop down list on the upper right hand side – see last image below)





Locate the user manager optionLocate the ‘User Manager’ option which is a link at the bottom of the screen in the middle. (with the new version you need to click the settings gear wheel and then choose the users tab – see below)


Add new user or manage existing onesYou can now manage the users for this account including adding a new one which is what we want to do – the Add User link is in the grey bar on the right and not obvious if you don’t know it’s there)

Choose the access your new user will have to your google analytics accountEnter the email address of the user you want to add (It must be associated with a Google account). Choose the access your new user will have to your Google Analytics account. Your choices are view reports only or full administration of the account. If you choose view reports only then you will have to select the profile below and click the add button for each profile you want them to be able to view.

Allowing Administrator access to your new userAllowing Administrator access to your new user will give them access to all profiles in this account and will let them change or add reports. Handy if you want your support person to set things up for you for a start, then put it back to read or remove them at some point in the future.

Changing or removing Google Analytics access for a userChanging or removing Google Analytics access for a user is easy. you can use the Edit or Delete links as shown here (in the new version these become settings and remove links – see below)

If you see different screens then you may have selected the new version of Google Analytics. Don’t panic – the same features are available here too.

New Google Analytics layoutThis is the new Google Analytics layout. If you are using this version I have circled the equivelent icons and tabs. Choose your account from the drop down list on the upper right hand side. Click the settings gear wheel on the upper right hand side, then under the profiles tab you will find a users tab. Under the users tab you will see a similar screen to the old version with a new user button at the top and settings and remove links instead of edit and delete links.

You can also look at the Help website for Google Analytics

Google have published an article with details on how to grant access to my Analytics reports to other users. I have included the video (not my voice 🙂 ) here it does not mention the new version coming but I am sure it will be updated in due course.

That’s all there is to it!

Enjoy being able to give access to just the parts of your Google data that you want to share.

your ‘Peoples Geek’