Getting Started

Here is some advice for you as you get started on your new or updated website. I have collected together articles that I have written that are particularly useful when you are starting out and also some information on suppliers that I am using and found to be good.

Advice on website design to get you started

What suppliers do I need to create and host my website?

For even the simplest website you are going to need two things as a minimum:

  1. A supplier to register your domain name ( – this registers your ownership of this name while you are paying for it and records where the website is hosted
  2. A supplier to host your website – this is the place where you create your web pages, images, videos etc.

It is probably good practice to have a different company for each of these although many people do choose to have the same supplier. Make sure that whoever you sign up with provides you with the flexibility to move in the future if your needs change (and does not have excessive penalties for moving away from them)

Which Domain Registrar and Domain Hosting is recommended by Peoples Geek

I have used a number of different suppliers in the past and am always looking for service, support or features. (Full disclosure – I began using these suppliers before I knew they offered an affiliate program. If you use a link below, I will receive a small financial benefit if you then purchase, but this does not change the price you would pay. I would suggest them even without this benefit to me and am completely happy if you choose not to use the links I provide – you can google their names directly if you choose)

Good Domain Registration companies

I use Go Daddy for most of my domain names as they provide a really easy to use control panel and also offer additional checks and services to make sure my website is configured correctly
For my UK domain names (ending in and for some of my clients I use, I began using them when I found that I could not transfer a domain to Go Daddy even though I can initially register one with them. The UK system is a little different so a local supplier is well suited

Good Domain Hosting companies

My hosting provider is Blue Host. They offer fantastic features such as the ability to host multiple domain names in the one account. This can lead to a substantial saving by sharing the hosting between your different domain names if you need to and yet still having it look like they are completely different sites. They also offer a number of great techie features for security such as SSH which protects your password when uploading your site
Strongly recommended to me is Host Gator but I have not yet used this one personally

As I use additional services or get recommendation I will update this page to offer you more suggestions, if you would like to suggest any providers or have comments on these ones then please let me know