Is the website down or is it my internet connection?

Is the site up or is it your computer that has the problemThe Internet is a big place with lots of connected bits, sometimes when there is a problem it will be at the other end, sometimes it will be with you or your service provider. How do you tell if a website really is down and you should just come back later when they have sorted out their stuff?

A favourite site of mine for checking if a website is down for everyone or just me is This clever little site lets you put in the address for a website and then tells you if they can connect to it – that way you at least know if you should keep looking for a problem closer to home.

Recently they have introduced a shorter name for the same service but I still seem to remember the first one better.

You type the website of interest in the first box (where it usually has a light grey and then click the blue ‘or just me?’ at the end. You will then find out if it’s just you or the site you are trying to get to.

Mind you if you can even reach then you at least know it is not your computer or modem because you have at least reached one site on the Internet. If you are told that it is ‘just you’ then it is somewhere between your modem and the other end. You may need to speak to your ISP or just wait a while and see if the problem corrects itself.

Here’s to your site being up whenever you try to reach it,

Your ‘Peoples Geek’