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Last week I got to spend a really enjoyable day with my client producing video to be uploaded to their new website.

I was amazed at the quality that can be achieved with relatively simple equipment and software. You can really add another dimension to your site or your blog posts by including video and the content that can be communicated in just a few moments is really impressive.

It can take a little time to be comfortable in front of the camera or you can do as we did and I stood directly behind the camera and my client delivered the presentation to me as if it wasn’t there – the result was really engaging.

At a minimum you will need:

  • A relatively recent digital camera that will record video and sound
  • A tripod for your camera – this can be as simple as the inexpensive ‘bendy legged’ tripod and a sturdy box to sit it on and give you some height. Or you could go for a more professional free standing tripod that will give you more options for camera positioning and more repeatable results if you want to combine and edit your videos later.
  • A wall or other suitable backdrop (be conscious of other things in frame – you may not want to see the kitchen and washing up in the corner)
  • There are many video editing packages available but you will probably find there is one already on your computer. The version of Windows Live Movie Maker on my Windows 7 computer could read the latest movie files (and was ‘free’) – if you have an older computer you may have to have the files converted or look for other software.
  • A YouTube account to upload your video so that it can be linked to your web page (there are alternatives available for streaming from your website but we are talking about the minimum here)

I’d also suggest you have an opening slide and closing slide to add to your presentation. The opening is so that you can control what is seen on your webpage before the visitor activates the video (we all have one of those shots where we wonder how our face got into that position). The closing slide is useful to display contact or call to action information.

One of the most important things it to just relax and enjoy yourself – you might find it easier to produce a 3 minute video on a regular basis than write an article or blog – and we all know that face to face communication is one of the most powerful means of getting your message across to your audience.

I’m looking forward to the next big shoot!

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  1. OK…so the pics I took tonite that showed my knickers drying in the background should NOT go on the food blog!

    Seriously – I also find Roxio Creative Suite quite useful for video editing. It also has (basic) photo editing software.

    Adobe now offer a free online version of Photoshop where you can upload pics and run some great preset filters on your images. Check it out:

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