Control multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse

How to use your mouse across multiple PCsI love to have more than one screen on my desk but I hate having to have two keyboards or mice (mouse es?)

This is one of the coolest applications I have come across in a long while, it allows me to use one keyboard and mouse to control both my laptop and my desktop computer. This means I can stand my laptop up next to the desktop and benefit from both screens and two different machines – but treat them much more like they were the same machine.

Using the normal keyboard is also a lot more ergonomically friendly than the laptop one and I can now stand the laptop up so that it is at a height that is better for me as well.

Mouse without boarders is a product from The Garage. The Garage is a way that Microsoft let’s it’s employees develop new ideas and get them off the ground.

It was very simple to install and also allows me to cut and paste from one computer to the other and also to simply drag files from one computer to the other. Combining this with DropBox and I have as near to synchronised machines as I can wish for.

The one downside is that Mouse Without boarders is Windows only.

If your mix of computers includes a Mac or Linux then you will have to look further and I have heard good things about The Synergy Project. This offers many of the same features and supports running multiple computers with one mouse and keyboard, but it also works across Mac and Linux

Controlling more than one computer using Windows, Mac or LinuxLet me know what you think of Synergy, I know that Mouse Without Boarders is working great and apart from a small problem because I have an Australian keyboard and a UK laptop it’s all going great (Did you know there is an extra key between the : and enter on a UK keyboard!! Neither did I until my ‘ disappeared)

Here’s to loving your extra screens without your extra keyboards,

you ‘Peoples Geek’