Claim your on-line identity

Make sure you have your name reserved for the futureIf you’re serious about having an on line identity for your business then it makes sense to claim your user name or brand so that it is available for you when you are ready. I missed doing this years ago and still regret it.

When the time came to grab the website name that I wanted to use it was gone. How dare there be another person in the world with the same idea (It still strikes me as odd that there are a lot of people on the planet with my name – it used to feel unique)

I came across a website recently that will check 159 different social media and other sites It is interesting to see where your name is available and consider if you should reserve some of these for your future use.

If you have a website I would recommend you at least grab the equivalent facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube id’s to match it. Depending on the purpose of your site there may be others that are relevant too – which ones do you think are the most important?

Here’s to you having everything line up nicely in cyberspace,

Your ‘PeoplesGeek’