Check your domain name forwarding

send visitors around using domain forwardingMany people grab variations of their website name and use domain name forwarding to ‘point’ these variations all through to the same site.

This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance that you can do yourself.

Why do I want multiple domain names?

Having more than one domain name may let your visitors find you more easily and you don’t have to maintain different websites.

You might do this so you can reserve the .com/.net/.anythingelse versions of your website to keep them in your control and protect your brand.

You might register common misspellings of your website name or perhaps a product name. (eg US and UK spelling of common words like www.realise…….com / www.realize…….com )

Why use domain name forwarding

You would use domain name forwarding if all of the domains should point to the same website. Many registrars will offer it as a standard part of registering the domain name but you should check this in advance as some will charge a separate fee or may not forward email as well.

In may cases if you register your domain name and don’t set up a website then the domain registration company will set up a ‘holding’ page on your behalf. Often they use this for advertising their own products so you might as well have that traffic come to your main website. That way you get the benefit of that traffic.

The forwarding process is usually seamless but you should always check it now and again. I add it to the list of things to look at as part of my regular maintenance. It is one of the easiest checks – just type each different name into the browser and make sure you end up at the final website.

If you find yourself somewhere unexpected then it is time to look further at the settings in either your hosting package or your domain name registration company.

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