Check your domain name expiry and privacy

Check your doman names as part of website mantenanceIt’s easy to check when your domain name is due for renewal, and what personal information is associated with it. Then put the renewal date in your calendar, and decide if you are happy with the details shown to the world.

This article is part of a series on regular website maintenance that you can do yourself

How do I check on my domain name

The two most common ways of checking on your domain name are:

  • Log on to the website of whoever you purchased your domain name and check the renewal date. If you purchased your domain name yourself you will probably be emailed when it is due for renewal.
  • Use a WHOIS service and simply look it up on one of the many whois websites such as, or

I set up my domain myself

If you purchased your domain yourself from a domain name registrar then you can log onto your account and check the expiry details yourself. I would also have a look at the whois database too. Then you can see what everyone else can see, and cross check the information matches what you see in your account.

What is WHOIS

The whois registry is maintained by a number of servers or suppliers and it keeps information on who owns a website and other details such as when it was first registered, when it expires, when the whois record was last updated. You should also see how much other personal information there is recorded about you – if there is too much then you may want to consider a privacy service to reduce how much personal information is on show.

An advantage of the whois service is that even if your domain name was purchased by your web support team and you don’t have the ability to log onto the account – you can still see some basic information.

Type whois or whois and the domain suffix (.eu, .com) into Google. You may need to read the screen of the whois website as many of them will offer you the ‘buy a new domain from me’ option on the main screen instead of the whois service. You will probably have to enter a capcha or type funny number to prove you are human and not a robot. Then the whois information will be displayed for you to read.

If a whois service tries to charge you a fee then choose another one – there are a huge range of free suppliers for this service.

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