The difference between and

What’s the difference between and Or, what’s the difference between ‘real’ self hosted WordPress and the commercial WordPress at The fundamental difference is who is hosting your WordPress website and controlling what you can and can not do with it. is a commercial organisation who will host and install your WordPress … Continue reading “The difference between and”

How to start your website

Getting started with your website is easier than ever thanks to the combination of some great software and the services from some great hosting companies that are designed to make the process simple. This tutorial will take you through the steps of getting yourself up and running all within about 20 minutes. We will cover: … Continue reading “How to start your website”

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Since the release of my Simple Affiliate Shop plugin I have regularly been asked, “What is affiliate marketing?” You might think that in order to have a shop you need to have something to sell. In the case of Affiliate Marketing you are promoting products that are created and sold by others rather than creating … Continue reading “What is Affiliate Marketing?”

Changes to Google Apps – no free Google Apps option

I recently wrote about how to Set up Google Apps for small business. Unfortunately the free option that I mentioned is no longer available. Google have withdrawn the free service for businesses that have less than 10 users and now you have to pay a fee if you want this integrated access to Google Apps … Continue reading “Changes to Google Apps – no free Google Apps option”

Set up Google Apps for small business

Google Apps provide Web based email, calendar and documents that let you work from anywhere and yet still use your own domain name to give you the look of a large organisation, without the cost of a large organisation IT department. Choose the Google Apps package that suits your business Google have made it super … Continue reading “Set up Google Apps for small business”

Updated guidance on change to the EU cookie law

The ICO has release some helpful updates and clarifications on how to comply with the EU cookie law, the most important being that implied consent can be valid. It’s a very important clarification as it answers the impossible question for website owners of “what if my visitor does not say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to my … Continue reading “Updated guidance on change to the EU cookie law”

BT’s approach to EU cookie compliance

While checking my online bill I found that is my first site that has a nice solution to the EU cookie law.  This may not be completely compliant since it asks for permission after setting cookies but it does give all the options and information that you need to set these cookies. My issue … Continue reading “BT’s approach to EU cookie compliance”