Install promptly to protect from the WordPress setup hack

Hackers are always finding new ways to attack that we need to protect against. I call this new attack the ‘WordPress setup Hack’ and it exploits the time it takes to install WordPress. This new attack uses the easy setup wizard against us by connecting your WordPress setup to the hacker controlled database. It then … Continue reading “Install promptly to protect from the WordPress setup hack”

How to do video credits right and not turn off your viewers

Time and attention on the internet are short, if you don’t do video credits right they will never be seen. And worse! Doing video credits wrong may mean your whole video is less likely to be seen. What are video credits and why do I want them? Video¬†credits and lead-ins are the ‘cover/closing pages’ if … Continue reading “How to do video credits right and not turn off your viewers”

How to start your website

Getting started with your website is easier than ever thanks to the combination of some great software and the services from some great hosting companies that are designed to make the process simple. This tutorial will take you through the steps of getting yourself up and running all within about 20 minutes. We will cover: … Continue reading “How to start your website”

The brute force attack scare

There is a story spreading on the internet of a brute force attack hitting WordPress sites and trying to break into your site. A brute force password attack happens when a program tries to guess your password by simply trying lots of different possibilities – and making educated guesses. This is even more important at … Continue reading “The brute force attack scare”

WordPress release 3.5.1 is out

A security and maintenance update for WordPress was released last night and addresses a number of bugs and a small set of security patches. One of the security patches fixes a problem that has been in all previous versions of WordPress so it is particularly important you apply this as soon as possible. If you … Continue reading “WordPress release 3.5.1 is out”

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Since the release of my Simple Affiliate Shop plugin I have regularly been asked, “What is affiliate marketing?” You might think that in order to have a shop you need to have something to sell. In the case of Affiliate Marketing you are promoting products that are created and sold by others rather than creating … Continue reading “What is Affiliate Marketing?”

PayPal IPN on you test site

There are many reasons to have a test site that only you can see. Unfortunately this may mean that you can’t make everything work properly if you rely on other services such as PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification). Make sure your customers can access or download their purchase immediately after they payment is made to … Continue reading “PayPal IPN on you test site”