Better email sync with Hotmail

Get your Email anywhere via Hotmail and ExchangeMultiple copies of the same email on different devices (computer / phone) is a pain but when they all sync together it is beautiful.

Love or hate Microsoft, but they do have some good stuff and are always trying to improve the way we work. Recently I received an email that showed me how to sync with Hotmail on my iPhone and iPad using Exchange and it is available for all the major phone types (click here for a list of supported phones).

The big advantage over the way I had been doing it with POP is that when I delete or move an email on my phone now it moves it everywhere! No more dealing with multiple copies of the same email on different computers!

The detailed instructions for the iPhone (or iPad) are at Microsoft read the summary below or click this link to view them.

Here are the step-by-step instructions from the link above:
1. Tap on Settings. Under Settings, click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”.
2. Tap on “Add Account” in the Accounts page.
3. Tap on “Microsoft Exchange” to configure Hotmail access.
4. Enter your full Hotmail email address in both Email and Username fields. Leave Domain blank. Enter your password. In the Description field, enter a name, e.g Hotmail.
Please note that you may have to wait a few seconds after step 4 before the ‘Server name’ field appears.
5. Enter for the Server name.
6. If access succeeds, you will see a page where you select if you want to sync mail, contacts and/or calender. Select the data to sync. Tap on Save.

All done! (The piece that was missing for me in the past was the server name)

For an even better set-up I then went into the settings for the account again. Now there are more options – I adjusted the number of days of email to sync and also selected a couple of other folders to ‘push’ to my phone which automatically receive sorted email because of rules I have set up on Hotmail. I also push the Junk folder just to make sure nothing I want ends up there for too long.

Now I only have to sort email once, and I can do it on any device, anywhere I have time or the inclination. I’ve talked before about forwarding copies of emails from other accounts in case of server issues and managing them with rules. This synchronisation makes this even easier.

Here’s to taking more control of your email.

your ‘Peoples Geek’