Add an administrator to your facebook page

A new admin to help with work on your facebook pageWhen you have a busy fan or business page on facebook it can really help to have more than one administrator. Luckily adding another admin to a facebook page is really easy (once you know how).

Now you can enlist help when you’re snowed under or need some support.

Who can I add as a Facebook administrator?

At first glance it may appear that you can only add people in your friends network as an administrator. There is a trick you can use to add anyone else. Perhaps the new admin of your page is not already a friend or it may not be appropriate to add them to your personal account.

While you can directly add an administrator who is in your list of friends, you can add anyone else by email address. It would probably be good to ask them what email address they want you to use (or it will ask them to set up another facebook account which would be a pain).

You could always just add the new administrator as a friend first but if it is a business page then you many not necessarily want to do that – after all, one of the great things about having a business page on facebook is that it helps keep your public and private lives separate.

Step by step add a facebook administrator

First sign onto facebook and go to the page where you want to add an new administrator. Manage your facebook page administratorsYou must already be an administrator of this page to add others.

Click the ‘see all’ link near the list of current admins (small red circle shown here)

Screen for adding a new administrator on facebookIn this screen you can add your new administrator by typing their name or email address in the entry field and pressing save. (ignore the confusing remove link when adding an admin, it only works to remove an admin when you have more than one)

Choose one of the following 2 options for adding:

Select an existing friend1. If the new admin is a friend then they will be start to be narrowed down for you to select from. Here are all my friends with the letters ‘hi’ as part of their name.


Select an admin by email address2. If the new admin is not in your friends list then you can enter the email address instead. Facebook will send them an email if they don’t have an account and will link to them if they do. (Ask your new admin for the address they want you to use since it will be easier if you use the one linked to facebook already)


to change admin settings you will need to enter your password

Since you are changing administrators you will be asked to confirm your password



Enter the captcha code

You may be asked to fill in a captcha form as well if you use email address.



The new admin will be asked to acceptYour new administrator will need to accept the kind offer of administering your page. Particularly if they do not already have a facebook account.



Now you can see the new admin on your facebook pageWhen you are finished you will be able to see your new administrator and they will be able to assist you with the administration of all aspects of your business page.


Now you can change or add administrators whenever you need to. You can also use this if you need help with your page from or just want to outsource some work.

Here’s to getting the help you need whenever you need it.

your ‘Peoples Geek’