How to give access to Google Analytics data

You may want to give other people access to your Google Analytics data for a number of reasons. To share with a consultant, to let others in your company run reports, to have a Geek like me set up reports for you etc. If you give them your password to access your Google account then … Continue reading “How to give access to Google Analytics data”

Window, Mac or Linux – how do I choose?

What’s your computer of choice? How do you know you are getting the best computer for you? Looking at market share the most likely computer you are using now is a variety of Windows, or Mac or perhaps even Linux. There are lots of ways of measuring the ‘market share’ but by proportion 80-90% of … Continue reading “Window, Mac or Linux – how do I choose?”

What features to look for in a web hosting provider

I have heard it said that your relationship with your web host can be a bit like starting a romantic relationship. There are lots of promises and potential to start with but you never really know someone until you have spent some time together. Until you have a chance to find out each others strengths … Continue reading “What features to look for in a web hosting provider”

Now we get spam on Skype too

Spam, and people trying to do the wrong thing are everywhere! I was at a client’s this week when she received an incoming Skype call from “Urgent Update”. It was a recorded message starting to tell her that there was a security problem… We hung up! They call it ‘vishing’ (or voice phishing). Skype will … Continue reading “Now we get spam on Skype too”

GMail and Sony hacked – passwords exposed

How much trouble would you be in if your email password was stolen? You have probably heard already that Sony and GMail have been the target of attacks designed to break into accounts and steal passwords and other information. In the incident with Sony as reported by Digital Trends, the hacker group reported on it’s … Continue reading “GMail and Sony hacked – passwords exposed”