Keep your backup data safe

Last week I was woken up in a hotel room in Hawaii by the sound of alarm bells and an announcement that a Tsunami was coming. We had to evacuate the hotel  and the instructions were, “Take your essential personal belongings.” What would that be for you? If you had only a few minutes to … Continue reading “Keep your backup data safe”

How much do you love what you are doing?

I saw a TED presentation today and one quote really struck me, Carol Coletta is quoted as saying, “I would pay someone to do what I do” I’ve often heard this from the negative perspective where you would pay to have someone do it because then you would not need to do it yourself, but … Continue reading “How much do you love what you are doing?”

Using photos on your website safely and respectfully

I love (read here – don’t love) the advertising for sites like iStockPhoto and others when I Google for ‘free photos’ it is iStockPhoto with their ‘royalty free photos’ that come out at the top of the list – but they are not free in the way that you might think. As you would expect, … Continue reading “Using photos on your website safely and respectfully”

Stay in control of your data – who does your backup?

When using on line services for email or data storage, do you ever think about who is responsible for their safety and security. You should! Just because you put your precious data on of these ‘internet backup’ servers does not mean that it is safe or secure. GMail loose 35,000 email accounts. You may have … Continue reading “Stay in control of your data – who does your backup?”